Allow myself to introduce, myself

Let’s start with a little of dabbling into Daryn.  I am a 22 year old contradiction. I’m a passionate pacifist, a ubiquitous couch potato, and a compassionate asshole.  I was born 65 years old, my dream is to retire because nothing sounds better than a simple life on a pension with the freedom to do whatever I please.  Maybe I’ll sit around for 2 days, maybe I’ll take a community college class in chemistry, who knows? My mom swears that when she brought me home from the hospital she looked into my little infant eyes and my little infant eyes stared deeply back at her and she knew at that moment I was an old soul. It’s up to you to trust the word of a loving mother or not.

I moved to San Francisco from a picturesque Los Angeles beach suburb to escape complacence and create a life of my own outside of my comfort zone. Currently, so far so good, I’m reasonably good at being  an adult. My best days involve my books, a good sleep, and my dog.  My happiest days involve the people I love and a new adventure.  It was nice virtually meeting you.